The Devereaux House is a brick 1 ½ storey farmhouse built in the 1860's by original settlers of Esquesing Township. It is located on the west side of Trafalgar Road, north of Maple. Its design and setting embody the rural heritage that is fast disappearing from our region. It sits on land that was a working farm from 1829 to the 1970's passing from generation to generation of one family.

This historical photo, judging by the dress, probably dates from before the Great War.

Today the Town of Halton Hills owns Devereaux House. It is a typical 19th century "Ontario Farmhouse" with its combination of gothic and classical features, use of different brick colours to create a decorative pattern and overall symmetry. Structurally, it was built stronger than it ever had to be. What makes our house special is that so little has been renovated inside. The trim is original, the plaster is bonded with hogs'hair and the now rare Rumford fireplace is unchanged.


The Friends of Devereaux are working to secure a future for Devereaux House as a public rural heritage property for the education and enjoyment of all Halton Hills residents. Land around is marked for a future cemetery and a complex of sport fields. In the short term, a tenant, the Georgetown Soccer Club, has been secured for offices on the second floor. When this corner is fully developed, the Devereaux House will adapt to any number of public uses while remaining a focal point of our community's agricultural past and the contributions of those who worked this land.


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